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Downlight, Spotlight, Bulbs Fitting

S$ 12.90

This product is only the downlight fitting itself, without the light, light is sold separately.

Product Suitability:

3" White (for Yeelight Mesh Spotlight M2)

3.5" White (for Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2)

4" White (for Yeelight Mesh Downlight M2 Pro)

5" Black (for Yeelight E27 Bulb)

5" White (for Yeelight E27 Bulb)

Product Dimension:

3 Inch: H11.5cm x W7.5cm (Internal) / 9.5cm (External)

3.5 Inch: H12.5cm x W8.5cm (Internal) / 10.5cm (External)

4 Inch: H15cm x W10cm (Internal) / 13cm (External)

5 Inch: H18cm x W14cm (Internal) / 17cm (External)

Available Colour:



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